Paul Fox B.Sc., MA, RP, SEPOlives

Registered Psychotherapist
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
Peterborough, Ontario

Fall 2023 UPDATE

2023 marks the beginning of a hybrid practice where I will be seeing clients through Video and In-Person sessions. Please be sure to select the correct option when booking.

Only existing clients will be able to book sessions through the online system at this time. If you would like to be added to the client wait list please email me directly through the secure email system - click here ....

New client booking starting January 2024.

Service cost will increase in January to 154.87 + Tax

Thank You


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Reiki Certificate Courses




All course prices +(GST/HST)

Reiki - First Degree Certificate Course   ($225+HST)

 * Indicates teaching that is in alignment with the teachings of the Lineage Bearer, Phyllis Lei Furumoto. Non-aligned teaching (no asterisk) is a reflection of the individual practice of the Reiki Master, Bernard Morin and Paul Fox.
Instruction is given on:

*A history of Reiki and *the Five Precepts

*How to give oneself a treatment

*How to give someone else a treatment

How to read the energy fields around the body

How to identify areas of the body in which the flow of energy has become blocked

How to interpret and identify the emotional/psychological origins of energy blocks in the body.

How to identify the emotional/psychological causes of disease

How to use the energy of Reiki to move through emotional issues into spiritual awareness

How to use sounds that promote the release of blocked energy and emotional issues

Specifics of Course: *Sixteen to twenty hours of instruction with the Reiki Master over *four separate, consecutive days with *four separate initiations (openings to the energy of Reiki).

Format of Course: Group - up to 14 participants
Notes: Reiki First Degree Classes start on Thursdays and Fridays in the evening. Saturdays and Sundays begin in the morning (10 am) and run until the late afternoon. Attendance at every session is mandatory for certification.

Reiki - Second Degree Certificate Course ($625+HST)

Instruction is given on:

*The use of sacred symbols in order to more easily facilitate healing

*How to summon energy for specific healing uses

How to summon energy in order to create safe, sacred space for healing

*How to reduce mental and emotional trauma

*How to facilitate mental clarity and promote mental acuity

How to dialogue with the consciousness of energy blocks in the body

*How to send healing to someone at a distance

How to move forward and backward in time in order to bring healing to specific situations or individuals

How to heal one’s own emotional history by moving backward in time

Length of Course:
*Four to five hours of formal instruction with the Reiki Master plus several weeks of individual experience of the energy before and after the formal instruction.

Format of Course: This course consists of two individual, instructional sessions with the Reiki Master separated by a period of up to two weeks (Note: The first session may be a group instruction in some locations). Second Degree is scheduled on an individual basis.

The Reiki Master                                                       
Reiki Mastery is a life's calling that can be very demanding of your personal growth. It can also be the most extraordinary time of your life. Individuals who feel this calling deep within them, need to declare their recognition of their calling to the Master they choose as their Teacher and Initiator. According to the standards of this lineage and the Reiki Alliance, there must be a period of three years between Second Degree Initiation and Master Initiation. The training period takes place over a minimum of a year. In the course of the training period, the candidate must receive twenty-six treatments from the Master. It is the Initiating Master who acknowledges when the student is ready for Master Initiation. After Initiation, it is expected that the relationship between the new Master and the Initiating Master will continue for life, as peers. More information go to Usui Shiki Ryoho or The Office of the Grand Master

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