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Registered Psychotherapist
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
Peterborough, Ontario

Fall 2023 UPDATE

2023 marks the beginning of a hybrid practice where I will be seeing clients through Video and In-Person sessions. Please be sure to select the correct option when booking.

Only existing clients will be able to book sessions through the online system at this time. If you would like to be added to the client wait list please email me directly through the secure email system - click here ....

New client booking starting January 2024.

Service cost will increase in January to 154.87 + Tax

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All workshop prices +(GST/HST)


Healthy Boundaries Cost: $95

Do you find that you are often taking care of other people's needs at the expense of your own? Do you find yourself angry, frustrated, and resentful while at the same time feeling guilty about your feelings?

Perhaps you are the person that just cannot say "NO" or on the other had you have a hard time saying "YES" when you really want to. Do you find that when you enter a room people cluster around you to have their needs met or on the other hand do they scatter at the sight of you, fearful of your expectations and demands.

Healthy boundaries allow us to say what we think and feel in a loving non-destructive way. Boundaries can change over time and in different situations but the goal is to be aware of and in control of our boundaries at all times.

This day long workshop will help you understand if you are a Steamroller or a Doormat and provide insights and strategies on how to come back to a balanced place of healthy boundaries that will nurture your life and the lives of those around you.


Spiritual Life Practice - Cost: $95

Have you ever heard someone say, "I am not religious,… but I am Spiritual", have you said it yourself? What does it really mean? Perhaps there is an empty space that is yearning to be filled by a sense of meaning and belonging in the universe.

Many of our world's traditional religious organizations are under siege right now. After all these years can they really be completely corrupt and misguided or is there a common thread of truth that runs through them all. Should we return to the past and embrace the "purity" of our ancient ancestors beliefs? Has Religion outlived its purpose or just outlived its present expression?

If you would like to investigate and develop deeper insight into your personal Spirituality then join me for this 4 session adventure. Find ways to understand how Spirituality can develop and nurture your soul as you grow. Consider levels of Spiritual development and what influence that may have on our daily lives. Spiritual Life Practice


Balanced Life Practice Program - Cost:  $160

With 24 hours in every day, why is it hard to get the important things done first? Why do we join a health club one month only to stop a month or two down the road? Why do we feel exhausted and overwhelmed yet have nothing to show for our efforts? Is this really as good as life gets?

In this 6-week program, you will investigate activities in your life that bring joy and those that can be left behind. You will create a life practice that covers physical activity, mental stimulation, spiritual growth and a connection to community. This is a personalized approach to self-development, expanded awareness, and wisdom. The program teaches an approach that is group based and yet individualized. The process will provide tools for cultivating a more open, balanced, and integrated life.

Balanced Life Practice integrates Eastern and Western teachings, within a system that you can use wherever you are today. You may be in any walk-of-life; a mom, an athlete, a student, or a professional. This program is open to anyone who is looking for a life of awareness, achievement, contentment, contribution, and richness.

The Shadow Series - Cost:  $60 

What is the Shadow and why should we care?

With its root in Jung's archetypes, the shadow represents the part of us we wish to deny. Often the shadow-self is considered the storage area for repressed ideas, weaknesses, desires, instincts and a multitude of personal shortcomings. In reality, the shadow-self holds one of the keys to personal wholeness and creativity. As we embrace the shadow-self and release its energetic potential, our lives benefit in many exciting ways.

The Shadow Part I, II, and III

Join our intimate group, in this three part series, intended to illuminate the inner working of your personal "shadow-self". Through conversation, experiential exercises, writing, drumming, and mediation we will investigate the Shadow and its impact on our daily lives. Our goal is to use strategies that will shed light on the parts we find difficult to accept, ultimately releasing trapped energy and applying it to personal growth, healing, and creativity.

Introduction to Meditation - Cost:  $60  (Day or Evening sessions)

Meditation is arguably one of the most beneficial practices that we can engage in and yet it can be one of the most challenging to start and ultimately maintain. Stress is an insidious epidemic that keeps us in a continuous state of fight-flight. Unable to think clearly, creatively, or compassionately many people struggle to experience a full and loving life.

This 3 week program is designed to provide beginners with an understanding of meditation through a series of experiences. Over the course of this introductory program you will learn, experience, and practice meditation in a variety of ways. You will change your relationship to the fight-flight experience, which is so prevalent today, and move toward a calm resilient, resourceful, and centered awareness.

This program will provide you with a dynamic meditation practice that fits your personal needs. Through the exploration of music, silence, emptiness, awareness, problem solving, stillness and motion you will create a personal practice that is dynamic and sustainable.

Mindfulness Meditation Program - Cost:  $160 

This 6-week program is designed to bring you into the present moment and allow your innate self the freedom to guide your life. Through this program you cultivate and allow your mind to become stable and calm.

Meetings are held once per week for approximately 2 hrs. Each week we will review your experience from the last weeks homework and continue with guided and freeform meditation in an attempt to remember your true nature and true purpose in this life. 

Drum Making Workshop - Cost:  $230 
(50%deposit required two weeks prior to the start of class)

This two day workshop provides an opportunity to create your personal 13 inch sacred drum . On the first day we will introduce the use of  the drum in healing, meditation and journeying. Each student will participate in a variety of experiences prior to the construction of their personal Drum. Following sacred ceremony, Drum materials will be selected and construction will begin. Drum skins will dry overnight and we will work with them further the following day as we do individual and group drumming sessions.

Each student will come away with their own 13 inch drum and an introduction to healing, meditation and journeying techniques in the context of a sacred experience.

Personal Growth Workshop - Cost: One Day $95.00 two days $150

An opportunity to experience the energy of a group of Reiki students and Practitioners in order to further one's spiritual experience and understanding, or to work through personal (and universal), emotional issues.  All participants assist with each session.  The Personal Growth Workshop commences on a Saturday morning and continues for two full mornings and afternoons through Saturday and Sunday.  Students may elect to participate for one day or to deepen their process they will attend for two.

Shamanic Journeying - Cost: $95

Please Note: Not everyone, it seems, is able to journey the first time. We live in a world that honours logic and rational thought. For this reason, some people discount visions while journeying as daydreams or "mental white noise". Others have difficulty allowing themselves to drift slightly beyond consciousness out of fear or a need to control their experience. There is no way of knowing this in advance, but most people (90-95%) are successful in the Introductory Course. If you have a moderately active night or day dream life, or can visualize easily, you should have no problem. There will be approximately eight to eleven journey opportunities in each course.
The Introductory Course
Instruction and teachings are given on:

the use of drums and rattles
accessing power animals
journeying techniques into non-ordinary reality
accessing guides and teachers

Course length: Six to seven hours over one day

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