Healthy Boundaries

Do you find that you are often taking care of other people’s needs at the expense of your own? Do you find yourself angry, frustrated, and resentful while at the same time feeling guilty about your feelings?

Perhaps you are the person that just cannot say “NO” or on the other had you have a hard time saying “YES” when you really want to. Do you find that when you enter a room people cluster around you to have their needs met or on the other hand do they scatter at the sight of you, fearful of your expectations and demands.

Healthy boundaries allow us to say what we think and feel in a loving non-destructive way. Boundaries can change over time and in different situations but the goal is to be aware of and in control of our boundaries at all times.

This day long workshop will help you understand if you are a Steamroller or a Doormat and provide insights and strategies on how to come back to a balanced place of healthy boundaries that will nurture your life and the lives of those around you.

About Admin-Blog-SJT

Paul is a Family Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Reiki Master with a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology who has been working with clients in Peterborough Ontario and surrounding area since the late 1990s. Over the years he has been involved in family & individual counselling and has received training in diverse and esoteric practices such as Hypnosis, Shamanic Journeying, Remote Viewing, Reiki, Philosophy, Integral Theory, and Spirituality, to name a few.
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